architekt Andrzej Łukowski

Creative designer - licensed and experienced architect

- extensive experience in every stage of creative design process, strong concept design and presentation skill, proficiency in design softwares and free-hand sketch, ability to independently accomplish design assignment

- implementation of project contracts from the stage of the offer, the analysis of absorption, zoning, conceptual design, building permit design, executive design and the author's supervision of the site,

- high organisation skills including leading a team of architects and engineers, 

Project manager and team leader

- project management with interbranch-coordination,

- great expierience in formal and legal coordination of the construction process in Poland,

- good interpersonal skills, experience in working directly with clients and other professionals independently, 

- responsible and self-motivated

- extensive knowledge of Polish building market and financial aspects of the design process

- collaboration experience with foreign teams (PM Group, Kajima, Chen Architects LTD)

Interior designer

- great experience in interior design 


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